We give solutions of how recess when there are brinks taller, pulir, rejuntar and clean baldosas Hydraulic and Nolla. We have a system typical of polishing mechanised that it has awarded us a big prestige in the sector of the restoration.

If his soils of Terrazzo and Marble are spoilt, aged, rayados and in spite of the cleansing continued follow the same of rugosos and soiled, definitely has to have we. Solutions to how clean ancient soils of Mud and Gres in interiors or external. We are specialists in the polishing, encerado and protection of porous soils of stone and Blackboard.

We commission us to remove tail glue and rests of cement or parquet. Treatment of cleansing, encerado and protection of pavings of soils of plastic vinílico sintasol.

We are specialists in polishing, cleansing and treatment antimanchas of encimeras in baths and cookeries of marble, terrazzo and granite. Also we know how remove stains and lines of chimneys and stairs.

Own technician of ecological polishing and antialérgico with reduction of powder 90%. Recovery of original colours. Half improvement estimated 80% according to case to customise.

To know the best price of the pulir and polish soil can put in contact with us calling to the 93 232 00 42 or from the section of Contact.

We work the following types of soil

We work with the following types of soil